Audit Representation

Audit Protection and Representation

  • In the case you receive an audit, your Tax Preparer will immediately contact the respective IRS Agent and prepare all required documents
  • Separate Audit Preparation Appointments will take place between Preparer and Client prior to meeting with IRS.
  • We will assist you throughout the entire process and attend all meetings with the IRS.
  • There may be several meetings with the IRS Agent; you will not be expected to attend all of these meetings.  However, as your Representative, PHD Tax will continue to meet with them until there is a resolution.
  • You will have an audit file prepared with all of the supporting documents including tax law and court rulings which will presented to the IRS
  • Every audit is unique and we will not know what specific obstacles we must overcome until we see why you are being audited. Some audits can take up to a year to reach completion.
  • Please inquire about our Audit Protection Plan if you would like more information.  It is available to everyone and ensures that you are represented in case you are audited.


See our Audit page for more questions and answers regarding this process.


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